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March 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

After a fruitful GG meeting today, our project mentor posted this question to the entire team, ‘So, why did you join Gourmet Guru?’

Quite many of us were stumped by this unexpected question, and seeing our stumped faces (HAHA), we were spared on the spot but were asked to give this a thought in our own personal time.

Well, I did actually have an answer in mind when it was asked. But I was shagged at that point and didn’t really feel like I was in the best state of mind to give a proper answer. And so, here I am, retreated to the comfort of my bedroom and the front of my laptop,  and I started typing a lengthy email (like i always do HAHAHA fuck) about my purpose of joining Gourment Guru. I’m just gona paste the entire email below and I really hope that I can achieve the goals of this project, something which I truly feel very strongly and passionate about :)

* * * * * *

Hi Diana!
Thanks for starting this thread, it’s nice to see what everyone has to share :)
For me, I first joined GG simply because I love to write and I love to eat. And I especially love to write about eating/food. So when I first came across this project, I knew I had to join it. After assimilating in the team and getting to know more about the objectives behind GG, I felt fortunate to be able to be a part of something which aims at empowering housewives with financial independence.
However, for me personally, I feel that the purpose of our project is beyond the tangible, financial aspects. For me, GG is also about giving housewives a sense of purpose in their lives.
I feel that it is important for housewives to feel that they can achieve something other than running the household. Many housewives have sacrificed their careers and social lives and devote all of their attention to taking care of their kids, completing household chores, and making sure everything at home is well. More often than not, they have chosen to place the priorities of their children, husband and family above their own, forsaking their personal interests or hobbies so that they can advance those of the people around them.
I once saw this interview of a housewive who loves to cook, and she said that for her, cooking is something which she enjoys because when she’s cooking, she is not simply a wive, a mother or a homemaker. The pan and pot, knife and ladle, have given her a identity of something that she does not assume in her everyday life; that of a cook. And while she spoke, she got very emotional and teary. We may think, how can it possibly be so bad? Stay at home no need to work and worry about bringing home the bacon, very good what! But I guess, being young people, we can never truly understand nor relate to how she, or any other housewives, truly feel. All we can do is, as JC’s message suggests, empathise.
And after watching that interview, I started observing the housewives around me (family members, moms of friends etc.). And I started to realise, this lack of general sense of purpose in the lives of stay-home moms apart from that of  taking care of the family, is pretty commonplace. And I secretly wish there was something I could do to make these women realise how talented they are, and that their talent should not go to waste. Well, another part of me was also worrying, would I lose my purpose in life as well when I become a housewife myself too? But that’s not the point,
So, I am glad GG gives me the perfect opportunity to do so :) I come from a family with a rather complicated background, and because of circumstances, my mom almost never cooked for me. So you can see how much I yearn for a home-cooked meal. Fortunately for me, I have many loving aunts and a loving grandma who always whip up sumptious home-cooked spread. And the best I could ever repay them for this is to praise how good the food is, from the bottom of my heart. Nevertheless, a simple word or phrase such as “Omg this is so yummy!” or “I can drink another 2 bowls of this soup” never fail to light up their faces and make them smile as they hurried to fetch you a second serving upon hearing your approval of their cooking. But now, we can do much more than verbal encouragement for these people  – mothers everywhere – who pour their heart and soul into preparing meals for their families. We can show appreciation for their efforts through something tangible (Gift of Love) and sustainable (Wok of Love). We can tell them that their lives do not have to revolve around the people around them and they can still do something for themselves. How meaningful is that!
Oops, I was just typing away and didn’t realise how long I’ve actually typed. If anybody actually reads til here, the above has been my sharing! Hope it hits home for you too, or at least gives you something more to think about :)
Looking forward to Sunday!
Great weekend everyone xx,
Pei Qian

* * * * * *

I was (and still am) pretty amazed by how little time I took to type that long email out. I think it was <10mins.


And before that I spent some 2hrs (wtf??!!!) doing up a piece of schoolwork which is about the same length.


Hahaha, ok. I kept saying ‘sharing’ in the email I almost felt like I was at some kind of self-help or support group, LOL.

But I really do hope more of us can learn to empathize with the people around us. I, myself, am still learning, but I’m happy at least I got off to some kind of a great start ;)


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