You stole my heart, and that’s a pain I could do without

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Been long since I last blogged. Have been so tied down with work, finally now I have some time to pause.

And breathe.

I feel bad for neglecting my blog these past weeks. If it were a person, I think it’ll feel like damn neglected and sad too.

But well, it’s not. See what I mean. I really enjoy this no-strings-attached relationship with my blog, I can stop hitting the keys whenever I want. And I can go at it all day long, too. It is here for me, always.

This is really not to gain validation or anything (which I don’t need thankyouverymuch), but singlehood is really the best thing I’ve discovered. For the first time in a long time (think, YEARS), I can do things with my own interests in mind. My priorities, my needs, my wants. Nobody else comes into the equation. I love it.

Anyways, I found myself someone I would like to marry. HAHA

Paul McDonald.

He is.


Fucking. Sexy.


His awkward, quirky vibes are ironically what makes him look so comfortable on stage. And his voice. GOSH.

Epitome of sex.. iness. Fuck, damn HOT.

And did I mention his fabulous dress sense too? DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID TO HIS IVORY-COLORED JACKET?

Embriodered roses.

Gota have a great deal of confidence in your own sexuality to even don that, let alone pull that off. And he did it so, effortlessly.

Gosh. I really love his sense of style, his presence on stage that just fills up the whole entire atmosphere, his smile which ‘lights up the room’ (IN JLO’S WORDS HAHAHA), the way he moves, his laid-back and humble disposition, his sexiness, his hair, his beard, the way he gives his own spin on songs, his sexiness, his eyes, his sexiness, and basically, still his sexiness.

AND. Everything he wears, plus his sexiness.

I’ve always had a keen eye and astute judgment when it comes to good-looking males, but this one is really nothing like I’ve ever seen before. Devine, pure divine sexiness.

Ideal husband you know. I will never get tired for someone like that. You can steal my HEART ANYTIME, HEHEHEHHE

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he looks kinda like Bradley Cooper too doesn’t he? :)

2:33 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The hand thing, hahahaha BEST THING EVER.

Ok, that aside. I’ve done some singing on my own this week. Belted out this oversung song with the best guitarist I could ever ask for :) Though if I could have another shot at it, I would probably have chosen ‘The Only Exception’ or ‘Fallin’ ‘. It was a great exp thou, nonetheless, to get actual feedback from a professional on your voice and singing ability :)

Well since I figured nobody actually comes here, I’ll just post the video of my singing up for my own personal viewing, or rather, listening pleasure HAHAHA. My magical voice ok, HAHAHAHHAA FUCK.

EHHHH, FUCK. Can’t upload, haha whatever. TOO BAD THEN.

Shall post some pics instead, taken with ADM lockers as backdrop. Very Glee-ish. HEHEHEHEHHEHE

HAHAHA FUCK i'm the bimbo-est person to have ever walked this earth. You know, even I can't stand myself sometimes hahaha

Love the pinkish look sported by my awesome guitarist that day, haha ;)

Ok, hate that this entry has to be so rushed. (I actually fell asleep while waiting for the pics to be uploaded ZZZ)

But I promise to come up with more sincere, less patronizing entries in this coming week. Recess week y’all!! ;)

Some random thoughts to wrap up this one for the road:

– With several disappointing episodes, Glee made a kickass comeback with that episode named, well ‘Comeback’. How appropriate wow, I didn’t even realise until now. And I’m not complaning :)

– I’ve become a Justin Bieber fan, something I thought I’d never say. Ever. Will join the FC for the ‘Justin Bieber Experience’ and be a Bied among all the other billions Biebs, HAHAHA

– Thinks that Gywneth Paltrow landed that role (whut? recurring sumore?!) in Glee not because of his singing or voice or anything of that sort, but because Chris Martin happened to be her husband.

– 127 Hours is FREAKING AWESOME! (Will do a review of it when I have the time)

– Will be looking for pics of hot guys these few days. For a legitimate reason, heh. Stay tuned, I may pose them up here if there’s time to spare. *Legitimate translates ‘for academic purpose’*

– Excited to be finally meeting up with my ex-roomie for a super looong overdue meal :) High-tea buffet here we come! Think, Barracks at Dempsey ;) Exciteddd!!!

– It feels good to be occupied with things that I love to do, such as writing, designing and singing. I (almost) feel privileged, and am thankful for all the right decisions I’ve made so far this year. Great, great start to what I foresee to be a hugely memorable year :) Can’t wait for all the exciting things that are gona be coming my way! Stepping out there, entering the ‘real’ world, grad trip (fingers crossed), leap of faith..

– I don’t know why I’m doing this, counting down to the *** you ****** from ******. It’s stupid, but strange enough, you make me feel like myself and bring back good memories. XX

– Maroon 5 Concert in Singapore! 25th April, Monday at Singapore Indoor Stadium, I want to gooooo!!!!!! Adam Levine is another drop-it-like-it’s-HOT songster, goddamnit, so fucking gorgeous as well.

Gona get some work done before hitting the sacks now, ciaos.

Paul McDonald. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)


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