I Am Number Four

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just watched the awesome trailer of ‘I Am Number Four’!

It actually looks 100000000000x better than I’d expected. No offense, really :P

Well I first saw the poster awhile back when I caught a movie at Cineleisure. It was sprawled across the entire wall outside the level 1 restroom so quite hard to miss, lol. Then, I thought to myself, ‘What a lameass movie title’ HAHAHA. And then I saw the guy on it, it looked like Hayden Christensen A WHOLE LOT. I thought to myself further, ‘I’m never gonna watch this movie’. HAHAHA.

(See below for evidence of resemblance, lol)

There you have it. In your face. Double whammy. Bam.

Ok, so me and No. 4 didn’t really get off to a good start. But fate has it that, lovely NN had to send me a tantalising email about the movie contest for ‘I Am Number Four’. And so, I figured I shouldn’t judge a film by its title (and for that matter, posterboy) and with fingers crossed, I moved my cursor over ”Trailer: View here’ (with hesitation) and immediately, I felt bad for my pre-conceived aversion towards the film, which was totally shattered after the 2 minutes and 24 seconds of sheer awesomeness.

Of course, seeing that it’s a Disney production instantly moved it up a few notches in my goodbooks hehe, considering that the most recent 2 Disney movies I caught (‘Tron Legacy’ and ‘Rapunzel’) were pretty damn amazing :)

And now, all of a sudden, I can’t wait to catch this show!

So, pardon me for being direct, but I guess it’s time to cut to the chase and win me some preview screening tickets!

Reason why should I win a pair of movie tickets to I Am Number Four preview screening

Well, I really have no idea what constitutes a valid reason. But I’m really pretty stoked after watching the trailer!

And ultra thankful that the main lead (aka No.4) turned out to be NOT anakin skywalker Hayden Christensen. *sigh of relief*

He’s actually Alex Pettyfer (try pronouncing that, HAHA). Young, cute, hot and good-looking. Is that reason enough?!


Oh btw, I did a’lil snooping around and found that he’s gonna star in Beastly, a modern-day take on the timeless classic Beauty and The Beast.

With Vanessa Hudgens.

Bummer, with a capital B :(

Oooooooook back to the topic. The cast of No.4 is really pretty damn kickass. Timothy Olymphant (of ‘Hitman’ fame) and Dianna Agron (cheerio, Quinn of ‘Glee’! :DDD), add in the Disney factor, and with movie moguls Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg (gasp!) being producers, satisfaction is (sorta) guaranteed.

And the storyline and visual effects (from the trailer, at least) look pretty good too.

I’m now officially a HUGE fan of ‘I Am Number Four’! This, is why I should win.

So, dear Nuffie, please just give me ’em preview tickets already!!! ;)

PS: Also, it’s Vday when the preview’s gonna be held. I have no plans so this would pretty much make my day alot better, HAHA.

Alriteys, so here I am, signing off with..

Catch I Am Number Four Movie starting from 24th February 2011 and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page! :D

PQ, out. (Ryan Seacrest-style, HAHA)

Disclaimer: Hey Hayden, please don’t take my comments as personal attack, and, more importantly. Please spare my life, StarWars fanatics. I just don’t fancy the actor, have nothing against the legendary Sci-fi masterpiece of all time 0=)


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